Reopen, Rebate, Reboot SSA #61 DHP Application

About SSA #61: Downtown Hyde Park is the creation of Chicago Special Service Area #61, which is comprised of the 53rd and 55th Street corridors connected by Lake Park Avenue. Special Service Areas, known as Business Improvement Districts or BIDs in other cities, are local tax districts that fund expanded services and programs through a localized property tax levy within contiguous areas. The enhanced services and programs are in addition to those currently provided through the City.

SSA #61/Downtown Hyde Park Sanitation Rebate Program Description:

In response to the unprecedented effects of Covid19, businesses have been forced to adjust their day-to-day operations in ways never before seen.  With respect to this new reality and in an effort to support business owners within the SSA #61 geographic footprint, we are implementing a sanitation rebate program to help offset some of these unanticipated but now necessary costs.  Eligible expenses include items such as:

·       Personal Protective Equipment (gloves, masks, clothes coverings)

·       Cleaning supplies (bleach, disinfectant spray and wipes, hand soap, hand sanitizer, isopropyl alcohol, and other janitorial supplies)

·       Ancillary sanitation supplies (disposable food containers, garbage bags, office garbage cans, brushes, sponges, paper towels, etc.)


Eligible applicants can receive a rebate of up to $300 per business.

Due to the fluid conditions affecting these times, the Commissioners of SSA #61 reserve the right to add additional requirements as necessary and to end the program without advance notice. 


Eligible Expenses and Applicants:

·       Eligible expenses include items used to deliver products and services or to sanitize and clean workspace. 

·       Applicants must be a locally owned, brick-and-mortar business located in the SSA #61 geographic footprint (link or scanned photo). 

·       Applicants must be initial purchaser of rebate-eligible expenses and must submit receipts for reimbursement (receipts must be from March 15, 2020 or later).

·       Applicants must comply with all requirements set forth in this document.


Application Process:

Applications should be submitted in the form of a request in the provided document. 


SSA #61 will accept and review applications weekly on Mondays.  Rebates will be processed and mailed within 7-14 business days.  The  rebate program has been extended from the original end date (September 1, 2020) and will now end December 31, 2020

Eligible businesses can qualify for only one sanitation rebate from SSA #61

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