Dear Alumni,

Please read the selection criteria for the Distinguished Alumni Award before voting.

Professional Achievement
1. Has achieved professional excellence and distinction within his/her career in commerce, technology, agriculture, the arts, education, sciences, government, military, or other worthy endeavors that form a record of accomplishment impressive/significant to the community;
2. Has made innovative contributions to the institution in which he/she works;
3. Has created workplaces in Armenia.

Service to Society
1. Has demonstrated commitment to society through volunteer work that has improved the lives of others;
2. Has demonstrated leadership and service to his/her community and society at large;
3. Has shown a solid record of continuous accomplishments in volunteering service to society.

Support to the American University of Armenia
1. Has contributed his/her time and talent to AUA’s development (participation in various committees and task forces, input in strategic planning and development priorities of the University,  presentations for students/alumni to share personal/professional experiences, mentorship of students or recent graduates, etc.);
2. Has acted as an AUA ambassador in interactions beyond the University;
3. Has provided financial and in-kind support to the University.