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Thank you for your interest in proposing a topic for the NARUC Summer Policy Summit. Use this form to suggest a committee session to be considered for NARUC’s Summer Policy Summit in Austin, Texas, July 16 - 19, 2023. 

For information about recent and future NARUC meetings, including past session abstracts and speakers, visit: https://www.naruc.org/meetings-and-events/meetings-overview/
Submission Deadline: April 1.

Approach: Share your presentation idea or panel session suggestion by completing the following form. Session descriptions are limited to 200 words. Suggestions for session titles and speakers are also welcomed.

Abstract Review: Abstracts will be reviewed by NARUC staff and the relevant member-led Committees. . Due to the volume of submissions, NARUC staff and Committees will not be able to respond individually to all submitters.


-Submissions that include practical, actionable information Commissioners can use to support their education and future decision making are more likely to be selected. Submissions that advertise a product or service are rarely selected. The most compelling abstracts include concise information about what attendees will learn, what the takeaways are, and why it is important for Commissions to know this information.

-Consider the purview of State Public Service Commissions when identifying a submission topic. Limit jargon in your session description to ensure full consideration by newer members or staff.

-In seeking to hear diverse views on key issues, Committees have often selected a session idea and one, but not all, of the speakers offered through the abstract. Session moderators are typically Commissioners or Commission Staff. Suggestions for speakers who reflect the gender, racial, socioeconomic, and other aspects of the diversity of NARUC’s membership are appreciated.

-Each Committee makes their own determination of sessions and speakers. If you would like to propose a session to multiple Committees, you will need to submit the abstract multiple times, selecting a different Committee during each submission.

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Note: Each Committee makes their own determination of sessions and speakers. If you would like to propose a session to multiple Committees, please select ONLY appropriate committees.

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