Submit requests for Cross Country Ski equipment before October 31
Requests received after October 31 are dependent on remaining inventory 

Submit requests for Snowshoes and Kicksleds at any time
Use this online form and agreement to request a WAFL equipment loan. Before making a request, make sure your group is eligible and can agree to the terms of the loan.

  1. You are a group, organization or government (e.g., school, First Nation, recreation department, non-profit), and
  2. You have your own liability insurance coverage, and
  3. You are a current RPAY Community/Associate Member.
Please note that cross country ski equipment loans to rural Yukon are prioritized. 


The person who reads, submits and electronically signs this request must be an authorized representative of the eligible borrower. This person and the organization are the “Borrower”.  The Borrower's electronic signature indicates agreement to the conditions of equipment use, storage and return and to the terms set out below.


If you would like to discuss your request or need help filling out this form, please contact Fran at wafl@rpay.ca.
Check your membership status. Eligible borrowers must have a current RPAY Membership. Purchase your membership online before requesting equipment. 

Question Title

* 1. Please provide all information about the Borrower.

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* 2. Please describe how you plan to use the equipment. For example,
  • Who will use it?
  • How many times a week will you use it?
  • Are you borrowing it for an ongoing program or a special event?
  • Do you need any support to use it?

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* 3. I would like to borrow...