You are applying for RN clinicals at the York Campus for Summer 2018. 

You must have already taken the TEAS test. If you have not taken the TEAS test stop now and apply after you have taken it.  The highest score achieved as of the time of this application will be used in calculating your points. All TEAS scores are verified on the ATI website. Continuing students must have a 2.5 overall or program GPA.  You may apply ONE time.

If you did not take the TEAS at HACC be sure to go onto the ATI website and have your scores sent if you haven't already done so.

* 1. First Name

* 2. Middle Initial/Name

* 3. Last Name

* 4. Maiden Name (or previously used name)

* 5. HACC ID (begins with H)

Please provide your correct mailing address below.

* 6. Street Address

* 7. City

* 8. State

* 9. Zip

* 10. HACC HAWKMAIL email address (ends in

* 11. Phone with area code

Please note that all TEAS scores are verified and points are calculated based upon current degree evaluation.

* 12. What was your TEAS Composite/Percentage score? (Do not use % sign, just score please)

* 13. I have calculated my points to be (TEAS score + points) - Link to points for York 2018

* 14. Do you hold an unencumbered LPN license and are applying for the LPN to RN program?

For program selection below

Alternate status students will receive placement in the class in event that a student who was offered admission declines enrollment. Alternate status is time limited and is null and void once the requested semester begins.

Be sure to enter more choices to better your chance of being selected.  You do NOT need to rank all choices.

Hint: Mark your FIRST choice "1"

* 15.

Which do you prefer to attend? Rank your choice selection.  (Hint:Rank your first choice "1")

For PREVIOUS EDUCATION - degrees must be from a regionally accredited college. Official transcripts must be on file in the Records Office to receive points. All degrees and CNA, LPN & EMT licenses will be verified. (Licenses are verified online.) Select highest level only. You will receive points for highest level only.

* 16. Previous Education.  Select highest level completed only.

* 17. Have you ever been admitted into (taken clinical courses) the clinical phase of nursing or another health career program at HACC from which you did not graduate?

* 18. I understand I am required to meet with a nursing advisor to develop an education plan.

* 19. I understand to be considered for acceptance, my official final high school (must contain a graduation date) or GED transcripts must be on file in the Admissions Office by March 30, 2018.  Foreign education must be verified by a HACC approved credential evaluation service.

* 20. I have met the "2 units of science with a lab" (in high school or college) preadmission criteria.

* 21. I understand I must have a program or overall GPA of 2.5 or higher and place at Math 051/055 and English 003 and 051 proficiency level.

* 22. I understand that during the first semester I will need to have a physical, immunizations, background checks and drug and alcohol screen.

Thank you for choosing HACC Nursing! Acceptance / non-acceptance emails will be sent to the HAWKMAIL email address you provided in this application around March 20.   Please make sure your address is correct on this application and in HACCweb!

I understand this application will be considered, contingent upon validation of the application information. Academic Policy #594, Academic Dishonesty, is enforceable as it relates to this application.

* 23. Have you successfully completed a clinical course in an RN program at another school within the past 2 years?

Please select NEXT to complete your application. You will see a screen that says "Congratulations, you have successfully completed your clinical application."  Then click DONE. If you do not see the DONE box and do not get re-routed to the HACC "Congratulations" webpage, your application may not have successfully been submitted.  

If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact Vicki Gentzel, 717-780-1992, If you have other questions, please contact your advisor.