About Xlerate Day session proposals

We are soliciting proposals for Xlerate Day Vancouver, on September 28, 2017, for education sessions on non-profit integrated marketing from the perspectives of: data and data management; campaigns (advocacy, advocacy-ish, and marketing): and more general topics, including case studies, tactics and best practices, and big ideas. We know integrated marketing is on the upswing but still has a way to go in the non-profit world, and we want to show non-profits how to up their game! Let us know how you can help.

Note Xlerate Day thanks speakers with recognition before and during the conference as well as complimentary passes to Xlerate Day; speaker opportunities are considered contributions to the profession and speakers are responsible for related expenses.

Speakers from for-profit groups please note, while it is expected that it may be necessary to mention the work of your company during the session (within reason, when relevant to the topic) the focus of the session should of course be the agreed upon topic.