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This survey is part of an initiative which aims to raise awareness of the benefits and value of testing for a biomarker, ESR1, in breast cancer.  We are conducting this survey to better understand the cancer patients' knowledge of mBC (metastatic Breast Cancer). The survey is intended for breast cancer patients who are ER+/HER2- (also known as luminal HR+/HER2-). The Initiative is led by Cancer Patients Europe (CPE) (

By participating in this survey, you are helping to improve the management of cancer patients across Europe.

It will take 10 minutes maximum to complete the questionnaire. The questions have been designed to be short and user-friendly.

The survey does not require you to enter your personal data. Should you however provide any personal data in the open field questions, this data will be treated confidentially and will only be used within the framework of the survey. Your information will be adequately protected against access by third parties and processed in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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* 1. I have read the above carefully and agree to the collection and use of my data.