Juggling Priorities: How do working students balance work and study? Ethical clearance GU2018/240

The Researchers
Prof Peter Creed (07-56788810, p.creed@griffith.edu.au), Dr Michelle Hood (07-56788421; michelle.hood@griffith.edu.au), Prof Paula Brough (07-37353378, p.brough@griffith.edu), Applied Psychology, Griffith University 
Prof Andrea Bialocerkowski (07-55528821, a.bialocerkowski@griffith.edu.au), Allied Health Sciences, Griffith University
Prof Tony Machin (07-46312587, t.machin@usq.edu.au au), University of Southern Queensland
Why is this research being conducted?
To understand how university students manage the competing demands of work and study, and how these demands might affect academic progress, career direction, and wellbeing.
Who can participate?
Any student who is working at least part-time while studying.
What you are asked to do
Complete one survey now about your university and work experiences (approx. 15-20 minutes of your time)- previous students have reported that such surveys are engaging and interesting. Also, if you agree, we will contact you in approx. 1 year and again in 2 years and invite you to complete follow-up surveys on your university and work experiences. Follow-up surveys are important for examining changes over time. In order to send follow-up invitations and match your surveys, we ask you to provide a contact address (e.g., email) and a unique identifying code.
Any benefits?
For the 1st survey, you will be able to enter a prize draw to win one of ten $50 shopping vouchers; and you will be able to enter prize draws to win one of ten $50 shopping vouchers again with Surveys 2 and 3. 
After each survey, we will send you a brief newsletter with a summary of the results.
Finally, your participation potentially will benefit future students, as the study is expected to generate information that will be useful to university policy makers, educators, and counsellors who work with students.
Any risks?
There is minimal foreseeable risk. Your participation will not affect your university studies. If you are experiencing stress from trying to balance work and study, please contact the Counselling Service (book online https://www.griffith.edu.au/counselling/appointments)

Your protection
Your participation is completely voluntary. You are free to withdraw from the study at any time, without penalty or need to explain. All data collected will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. The survey will be anonymous. We ask for your contact email address and identifying code to a) contact you for the 2nd and 3rd follow-up studies, and b) match your surveys together. Once you have been re-contacted and your surveys matched, that information will be destroyed. Other identifying details (name, student number, & contact) are needed for the prize draw. These are entered in a separate survey to the main one, stored separately, and destroyed once the prizes are drawn. The final data files contain no identifying information. 
No persons other than the research team will have access to the data and the identifying information. As required by Griffith University, all research data will be retained on a password protected electronic file at the University for 5 years before being destroyed. 
The findings of this study will be disseminated via journal articles and/or conference presentations. De-identified data may be made available to Honours, Masters, and PhD students and included in their academic theses. No identifying information will occur in these journal articles, conference presentations, or theses.
Questions/further information
Please contact the researchers for additional information about the project.
The ethical conduct of this research
This project will follow the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research. If you have any concerns or complaints about the conduct of this research, you can contact the Manager, Research Ethics on (07) 37354375 or research-ethics@griffith.edu.au 
Privacy Statement – non disclosure
The information collected is confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent, except to meet government, legal, or other regulatory authority requirements. A de-identified copy of the data may be used for other research purposes; however, your anonymity will be safeguarded. For further information, consult GU’s Privacy Plan at http://www.griffith.edu.au/about-griffith/plans-publications/griffith-university-privacy-plan or telephone (07) 3735 4375
If you agree to participate after reading this information, please click NEXT. Submitting the completed survey will be taken as your informed consent to participate.