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Advisory Council Overview

The Advisory Council is a dedicated group of volunteers consisting of individuals who are eligible to participate in programs provided under the Federal Older Americans Act, family caregivers of such individuals, representatives of older individuals, service providers, the business community, local elected officials, providers of veterans’ services, health care services, and members of the public.
As an advisory group, the Advisory Council on Aging has no executive, administrative, or operational authority. Its function is solely to make recommendations to the Office on Aging and the Riverside County Board of Supervisors regarding matters concerning older adults. Specific roles include community engagement, advocacy, outreach, and providing feedback on the Area Plan on Aging. Advisory Council members, as part of a public body, are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the Ralph M. Brown Act.

The Council's seventeen members are appointed to three-year terms. Requirements of Council members include attendance to 10 meetings per year (September through June), committee participation, working as a community liaison, and completing required reports and administrative functions.
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