The data collected in this survey will be used to improve the development of the user experience across RIPE NCC's services. The survey is anonymous and will take less than five minutes to complete. The RIPE NCC may use the data provided to publish anonymised reports on the results of the survey. You will be able to participate in this survey until 30 September 2021. After this date, the survey will be closed and the RIPE NCC will retain the data you provide for a period no longer than three months.

If you decide to participate in a follow up focus group session, any personal data collected by the RIPE NCC will not be shared publicly. You will be bound by the terms laid out on this web page.

This survey contains “free text” elements, where you can provide further information in your own words. The RIPE NCC will edit responses to remove reference to your name or company. However, you acknowledge and agree that other elements, if used, will be reported publicly as they are written (i.e. unedited). Should you identify yourself through another means, writing style or otherwise, you will not remain anonymous.