Survey Instructions

Please complete this survey if you live, work, learn or play in Jefferson County. You do not have to give your name and your answers are anonymous. Definitions of key terms (indicated by a star*) are on the last page.

Your Opinion Matters! survey is a part of a community health needs assessment for Jefferson County, Alabama. The word “community” means Jefferson County as a whole: its cities, unincorporated areas, neighborhoods and their residents. This survey asks your opinions about Jefferson County, the good aspects and areas for improvement. The information will help improve health in the coming years. Your information will help identify the key issues to be addressed in Jefferson County to improve health and quality of life.

This survey is available in Spanish at the following website:

Your Opinion Matters! is conducted in collaboration with the Local Public Health System and is coordinated by the Jefferson County Department of Health.

Instructions: Thinking about Jefferson County, Alabama, rank your satisfaction, how pleased you are, with the current condition or presence of each item and rate how important it is to your quality of life. Quality of life refers to your level of satisfaction with the combined conditions (e.g. safety, health, employment, etc.) in which you live. If you cannot rate an item, please leave it blank. 

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