Presenter/Poster Abstract Submission

Alaska Food Policy Council 2020 Conference Abstract Submission

The Alaska Food Policy Council, along with our co-sponsors Alaska Village Initiatives, FRESH of the North, and Alaska Pacific University, invite you to submit a presentation, poster, workshop, abstract for the upcoming VIRTUAL Alaska Food Conference and Festival (November 6-7, 2020).
Alaska Food Policy Council is a nonprofit organization whose diverse membership works to engage Alaskans to make positive changes for the state’s food system, and to create a healthier, more prosperous, and more secure future for all. 

Alaska Village Initiatives is a non-profit membership-based company dedicated to improving the well-being of rural Alaska communities, families, and individuals. AgAlaska affords rural villages support and resources needed to begin community gardening farming and ranching. Information and links provide current grant opportunities, best garden practices, and resource links to government and non-government agencies.

FRESH, Food Research, Enterprise, and Sustainability Hub of the North works to catalyze the modern food landscape of tomorrow by honoring the living traditions of yesterday and harnessing the innovative spirit of today’s Circumpolar North.

Alaska Pacific University is small liberal arts college located in Anchorage, Alaska, that emphasizes experiential and active learning. APU, along with UAA, is home to FRESH.
The Alaska Food Conference & Festival is an opportunity for attendees to learn more about, and engage in, the various issues affecting Alaska's food system. In our 5th semi-annual event, November 6-7th, local, regional, and national speakers will present on a variety of food security, production, business, and community issues, with a special emphasis on rural and indigenous food systems, and food entrepreneurship. The conference will also offer chef and food preparation demonstrations, DIY workshops, and virtual farm and processing facility tours. Our virtual platform provides a number of ways for interaction and personal engagement

The conference will have four focus areas:
  1. Policy & Education
  2. Production & Harvest
  3. Culture & Community
  4. Business & Industry
The goals of the conference and festival are to:
  • increase awareness of Alaska food issues among the general population;
  • provide training, resources, and networking opportunities to increase involvement in local food issues by community members and decision-makers; and
  •  increase connections and build community between the public, Alaska food businesses, NGOs, governmental entities, Tribal entities, and others to support local economic development and innovative solutions.

With the goals in mind, we are looking for proposals that are/do one or more of the following:

  • Provide insight into areas of the Alaska food system
  •  Inspirational, motivating, and fun
  • Describe and/or provide the information necessary for "on the ground" action, policy development, and/or education
  • Creative, interactive and/or provide opportunities for significant and diverse audience participation
  • Provide time for participants to brainstorm how to apply the information in their own communities or businesses
  • Include a diverse group of urban and rural presenters, including (but not limited to) established and emerging leaders, growers, youth, entrepreneurs, educators, project participants, and community members;  demonstrating collaboration across sectors.
Interested in presenting/leading an activity/workshop at the event? Please complete this application by Monday October 5th, 6pm:

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* 1. Author/Leader Information

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* 2. Select your track

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* 3. Will your presentation have a focus on rural and/or indigenous food systems or food entrepreneurship?

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* 4. Select your format: 
Conference sessions are 1.5 hours in length. You can select the 30-minute presentation option, or a 50minute mini-presentation, and be paired with other similar presentations, or you can select the full 1.5-hour session. You can recruit co-presenters with either option.

The lengths of festival workshops and activities are flexible.

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* 5. Please list any co-presenters/poster co-authors

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* 6. Session/Presentation/Poster/Workshop/Activity Title

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* 7. Enter your abstract here. Abstracts should be a maximum of 300 words; and describe the who, what, when, where, and why of your topic or activity. Conference presentations should be action-oriented (for example: describe the end goal of your work or presentation, identify how community members can get involved, offer opportunities for collaboration, delineate next steps or applications, and/or share recent impacts. 

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* 8. As we work to finalize the agenda, we'd love to hear what interests YOU! What other topics would you like to learn more about? What activities would you enjoy?