As required by State law, the Town of Rocky Hill is preparing an affordable housing plan.  In addition to looking at ways to increase the number of affordable housing units, Rocky Hill wants to make sure it continues to have housing that allows people of all ages, incomes, backgrounds, and ethnicities to live here. 

With regard to housing affordability, public policy generally focuses on housing which sells or rents at prices affordable to households earning 80% or less of area median income.  To be considered affordable to such households, a two bedroom apartment would be deed-restricted to rent at about $1,500 per month (or less) and a three-bedroom house would be deed-restricted to sell at $240,000 (or less).  These numbers change annually based on changes in median income.

Community input is an important part of the overall process of preparing an affordable housing plan.  Your input will help the Town of Rocky Hill understand shared goals and plan for the future of the community.  Thank you for participating!