Draft Concept Options - Community Feedback

Ballina Shire Council is preparing a Master Plan for the Ocean Breeze Reserve in Lennox Head. The reserve is public land owned by Council.  This project is known as the Ocean Breeze Reserve Master Plan. The purpose of the Master Plan is to guide future use of Ocean Breeze Reserve.
Council has prepared a Draft Master Plan and three concept designs for Ocean Breeze Reserve based on previous community feedback. The draft Ocean Breeze Reserve Master Plan (15.23 MB) is now on public exhibition. The three draft concepts are available for viewing here (1.23 MB). Council is seeking community feedback on the preferred facilities and concept. To assist this process you are invited to complete this short survey.
This survey will assist Council in understanding the community’s aspirations for this reserve and guide future planning funding decisions for the Ocean Breeze Reserve site.
This community survey will be open until 2 October 2017.

If you have any questions about either this survey or the master planning project, please contact Ballina Shire Council's Strategic and Community Facilities Group on telephone 6686 1284.

* 1. Please indicate your four (4) most desired elements for the Ocean Breeze Reserve (from any of the concept options).  
(Approximate cost ratings have been included for each of the elements where $ = < $10 000, $$ = $10 000 - $50 000 and $$$ = >$50 000)

* 2. Overall, what is your preferred concept option for the Ocean Breeze Reserve?

* 3. Thinking about your preferred concept option is there another element you would add from the list above?

* 4. Thinking about your preferred concept option, is there an element you would remove?

* 5. Have you got any other comments or suggestions regarding the draft master plan?