Local Employment Planning Council - EmployerOne 2017

The EmployerOne Survey is the North Superior Workforce Planning Board'sĀ - your Local Employment Planning CouncilĀ - way of getting local data that matters to you, the employer. The survey is designed to gather information on projected vacancies, hiring plans, recruitment, and skills gaps; all of which are necessary to make informed decisions about the future of your business. Once completed, the results are aggregated and all responses are kept anonymous, ensuring that no one employer is identifiable.

  • Please ensure that the person completing the survey is familiar with the hiring challenges and workforce issues faced by your organization;
  • Please answer all questions as accurately and completely as possible;
  • You may complete the survey in two parts, however, to resume you must use the same device you started the survey with;
  • Please complete the survey once per registered business;
  • The survey should take approximately 20 to 25 minutes.
Need Help?

If you require assistance to complete the survey, have any questions about it or if you would prefer to have someone ask you the questions directly, please contact our offices:

Bob Graham
Project Officer
807-346-2949 or 1-888-800-8893