The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) is assessing training needs of retail food regulatory professionals.

The purposes of the needs assessment are to: 1) discover exposure to key content knowledge areas, as it pertains to relevance to current positions across the retail food regulatory workforce; 2) explore perceptions of the same content knowledge areas among training approvers. This will allow for more robust discussions on needed training resources to decrease knowledge gaps in the profession and improve workforce capabilities. 
Note: This needs assessment is only for regulatory professionals who work in retail food as part of their role.
Professionals who do not perform retail food duties will be redirected to exit the survey.
In addition, professionals whose primary positions are in food industry or academia will be redirected to exit the survey.

The term 'jurisdiction' is used throughout the needs assessment to refer to a regulatory organization (e.g., city or county public health department, state agency, tribal health department). 

Your responses to this assessment will remain anonymous and never presented with your contact information, should you choose to provide it, in any form.
If you have questions, please contact:
NEHA-FDA RFFM Grant Program Support Team
Toll-Free at 1-833-575-2404
Email at
17% of survey complete.