Innovation in Retail Life Insurance

This award will honour an organisation which has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to innovation in retail life insurance through the launch of a product or service.  

  • Nominated organisation must be a member of the Financial Services Council. 
  • The product or service being nominated must have been launched post 1 May 2019. 
Judging Criteria: 
  • Is the innovation bringing something new to the retail insurance market for consumers? How? 
  • Has the innovation been developed taking into consideration consumer needs and expectations? How? 
  • Will the innovation improve consumer attitudes to insurance? How? 
  • Is the application supported by evidence of commercial success (statistics etc)? 

The product or service being nominated should be innovative in a way that benefits customers rather than purely for financial gain.

Please limit each of your answers to 300 words maximum.

Closing Date

30 October 2020 at 5.30pm. 

Question Title

* 1. Details of person submitting the application.

Question Title

* 2. Details of nominated product or service.

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* 3. Give an overview of the organisation being nominated - include company boilerplate text.

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* 4. Give an overview of the specific product or service including how it is innovative, why it was designed that way and how it affects the Retail Life Insurance industry.

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* 5. Supply links to supporting evidence that highlights or promotes the nominated product or service. Include media releases, media clippings and links to any relevant websites