1. Introduction

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal to the American Academy of Audiology's Research Grants in Hearing and Balance Program.  This program is funded mostly by the American Academy of Audiology Foundation, and partial funding for the Student Investigator Grant with a Vestibular Focus is provided by the American Institute of Balance.
The guidelines for each of the grant categories are available on the Academy web site.  We encourage prospective applicants to read the guidelines thoroughly before initiating an application.
The submission process requires the uploading of supporting documentation (letters of support, the body of the proposal, the budget, and a photo).  Uploaded files have a size limit of 16 mb.  Files that exceed this limit must be sent separately to kwerner@audiology.org with instruction on the project title to attach the supplemental information.

The system should allow you to start the submission and return later to complete it if you use the same computer.  To avoid the potential of lost data, you may prefer to prepare your responses in advance and complete the submission in one sitting.  The content required for submission is available on the Academy web site.

The deadline for Investigator grant submissions is February 15, 2024.  Award notifications will be made in April 30. The deadline for Student Investigator grant submissions is March 15, 2024, with award notification in May.  Please direct inquiries to Kitty Werner, kwerner@audiology.org, 703-226-1044.