Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

This survey helps the program assess the needs of our community and how we can better serve our communities. 

* 1. What is your connection with RDAP?

* 2. Did you know RDAP has a crisis line answered 24 hours a day?

* 3. Did you know RDAP has an emergency shelter available to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault?

* 4. Did you know RDAP has staff and volunteers available to personally support sexual assault and/or domestic violence victims who are undergoing medical examination and treatment?

* 5. Did you know RDAP works closely with many community programs and agencies and can provide information and make referrals to organizations that can offer help and support to the client?

* 6. Did you know RDAP can help victims seek legal protection by assisting in filling out and filing protection or harassment orders, also offering referrals to local attorneys and accompanying victims to any court proceedings?

* 7. Did you know RDAP provides weekly support groups for adults and children addressing both domestic violence and sexual assault with childcare provided during meetings?

* 8. Did you know RDAP offers local emergency transportation and out of area transportation when funding is available for individuals seeking to relocate due to domestic violence or sexual assault?

* 9. Did you know RDAP offers its services to Lincoln, Logan, Hooker, Thomas, Cherry and McPherson counties including the communities of North Platte, Wallace, Wellfleet, Hershey, Maxwell, Brady, Sutherland, Thedford, Stapleton, Tryon, Valentine and Mullen?

* 10. Did you know RDAP serves Primary and Secondary (friends & family members) Victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence?

* 11. How would you rate your overall experience with RDAP? Is there any services or educational programming we should add?

* 12. Is there any programming or services RDAP could offer that is not currently available?