The JvR Research Team is currently in the process of collecting data for the MAP (Measuring and Assessing individual Potential) with the intention of creating South African norms for the assessment. The MAP is a trait-based personality test grounded on the Five Factor Model of personality. The assessment is comprised of 5 scales and 25 subscales that are measured through a total of 200 items.

The following survey intends on collecting basic biographical information about you. Please ensure that you respond accurately to each question that is presented to you. Once the survey is completed, do not close either your browser or your current browser tab. After completing the biographical survey, you will be prompted with a thank you message followed by instructions on how to continue to complete the MAP.

Research Agreement

If you decide to complete the biographical questionnaire and the MAP, we promise you that:
  • Your participation is voluntary and you may withdraw from the study at any point.
  • There will be no negative consequences for you choosing not to participate.
  • We will only include you in the study if you give us your consent.
  • We will not use your name in any presentation, article or other research report based on the data.
  • Your responses will be entirely anonymous and confidential.
  • All the data that is collected will be safely stored on SurveyMonkey and/or on a password-protected Excel document.
  • We will not use the data to make any decisions that may impact you.

I agree that:
  • I am not forced to complete the questionnaire/assessment, it is entirely my choice.
  • My anonymous data may be used for research purposes.
  • My anonymous data may be used for constructing a test manual.
  • My anonymous data may be shared with other people for research purposes only.
  • I will not receive verbal feedback on my results, only the automated reported generated upon completion of the assessment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact JvR Psychometrics Research Department:

Cobi Hayes
Research Psychologist
011 781 3705

Brett Gregory
Research Psychologist Intern

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* I give consent for my results to be used for research purposes: