Ramsey County Parks & Recreation is working to achieve this 21st century vision: A dynamic, community-centered system that provides opportunities for our ever-changing community to engage with inclusive and welcoming parks and recreation sites and programming.

The county is engaging users and others connected to Ramsey County parks, programs and services to gather input on what you imagine the parks and recreation system would be like in five years if the county achieved that vision.

Below are a few questions to understand who is participating, information on the parks and recreation system today and then the key questions for your input.

Thanks in advance for taking 5-10 minutes to contribute! In appreciation for your contribution, at the end of this survey you have the option to enter a drawing to win one of four free 18-hole rounds of golf or one of five free packages of six waterpark passes.

Check the project website, to learn more, see what people are saying and get final reports.

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A little about you...
To help us understand who is participating, please respond to the following quick questions.

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* 1. In the last few years, what have you, your family, or friends done in a Ramsey County park, facility, or program? (For example: Had a family picnic, took a walk, went sledding, etc.)

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* 2. Please enter your home ZIP code (required).

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* 3. How do you describe your race?

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* 4. Are you Hispanic / Latino / Latinx?