The Thorold Public Library (TPL) is conducting a Facility Feasibility study to review its space needs for the next two decades.  Using library standards, the project will identify current deficiencies in the Library facilities.  It will develop a preferred delivery model for the TPL now and for the future as well as recommend a size for the Library's current and future needs.

We are also looking at ways of improving the quality of library services we provide to our community.  A key part of this research is this community survey; if you take just a few minutes to complete it, we'll enter your name into a draw for a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tablet as a 'thank you'!  If you wish to enter our draw, we will need your name and contact information at the end of this questionnaire.  You will have a choice of allowing the library to retain this information for periodic communications, or having your contact information permanently deleted.

We have engaged TCI Management Consultants to help us with our facility feasibility planning process. They have extensive experience in strategic and facility planning for a wide range of cultural facilities, including many public libraries. 

In order to determine the need for future library facilities and improve our current and future services, it is important for us to obtain input from everyone in the community, regardless of whether you are a user or non-user of the Library. This CONFIDENTIAL survey provides you with an opportunity to let us know what you think about the Library. 

The survey should take you 5 - 10 minutes to complete. Your answers will  be seen only by TCI, who will keep your responses strictly confidential. TCI will only report general fact patterns and trends from these survey results to the Library. No responses will be associated with any individual.

The survey will be available until November 11. Once you have started the survey, please continue until the end, otherwise your responses will need to be re-entered.

Should you have any questions about the Library's Facility Feasibility Study, please contact Joanne DeQuadros, Chief Librarian at (905) 227-2581 or by email: If you have questions about the survey itself, contact the TCI Project Manager, Greg Young at (416) 515-2705, or

Thank you for contributing to this important Facility Feasibility study, and for helping to make your Thorold Public Library service even better.


Joanne DeQuadros
Chief Librarian