Student Athletic Interest Survey

Under Washington State law, school districts are required to conduct a student survey once every three years to determine student interest in athletic programs. Your responses to this survey will help determine if your school is accommodating the athletic interests and activities of students, including whether to add additional teams.

* 1. Date:

Today's Date

* 2. School:

* 3. Grade:

* 4. Male or Female:

* 5. Do you currently participate in a sport at your school?

* 6. If you answered YES please check the sports below that you participated in at your school during the 2011-2012 school year.

* 7. If you said No, why not?

* 8. Do you currently play a sport outside of your school sports program? For example, a sport offered by a community center, a select team, or a club team?

* 9. If you said Yes, list the sport(s) below:

* 10. Are all sports that you are interested in playing offered at your school?

* 11. Would you participate in the following sport(s) if the opportunity were available to you? Select up to 4 sports - DO NOT select a sport you are already playing at your school.

* 12. (Optional) Additional comments or concerns you would like to share about your interest in athletics.

* 13. (Optional) If you would like to be contacted to discuss your responses to this survey or to share your interst in adding a sport, please type your name below: