Elementary School Reopening Survey

On Friday, July 17th  Gavin Newsom announced that schools in counties that are on his monitoring list would open with distance learning. In his hour long press conference he did not mention that there is a waiver provision for elementary schools that may have different data than a County as a whole.

The waiver states, “There is a single exception. Local health officers may grant a waiver to allow elementary schools to reopen in-person instruction if the waiver is requested by the district superintendent, in consultation with labor, parents and community-based organizations. When considering a waiver request, the local health officer must consider local data and consult with the California Department of Public Health.” 

At our Elementary School our proposed plan will be a hybrid model of instruction. This plan fully meets all of his requirements. Our previous plan had been ready to go until Newsom made his announcement on Friday. We will move to that model in our reopening plan. Students who wish to stay home full time will still have that option through our virtual academy. Full staffing would remain in place and class sizes will be below 12 in a room. It may even be less depending on how many students choose full virtual. One cohort of a class would attend Monday and Tuesday and the other cohort would attend Thursday and Friday. Wednesday would be distance learning for all supported by the teacher. Classified support will be abundant to support since this only applies to Elementary. Students will be in cohorts and masks will be recommended for grades K-2 and required for grades 3 and up. This directly follows the state guidelines. If a student has a verified medical issue they could “opt out” of the mask otherwise if they don’t wear it in grades 3 and up their schooling will be distance learning. Transportation will be provided and students who utilize it will have to wear a mask. An adult will need to be at the bus stop with the child and social distancing will be required at the stop. If a student has a temperature over 100.4 degrees they will need to go home with their adult.

At this time we are asking for your input on your plans for the 2020-2021 school year. 

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* 1. Will your student be returning to Lucerne Valley Elementary School on the hybrid model (2 days a week with under 12 students in a class)?

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* 2. What grade(s) are your students in? Check all that apply.

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* 3. If you are planning enrollment in full time distance learning what grades are your students in? Check all that apply.