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Water policy review intro

The Kangaroo Island Landscape Board is currently reviewing and updating the Kangaroo Island Water Affecting Activity Control Policy. This review will be informed by new and improved Kangaroo Island sourced monitoring records and spatial data, research and lessons learnt through community feedback, including this survey.

The recently completed Ecologically Sustainable Water Take Limits project has produced a tool that uses Kangaroo Island sourced data and allows the impacts of water capture on aquatic ecosystems to be assessed.

Your feedback will be used along with a range of other information to evaluate the current policy.  To find out more about this review or provide additional feedback contact the Board on 08 8553 2476 or

To assist the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board with this review it would be appreciated if you could take the time to answer the following questions.

Survey closes 8 October 2023. 
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