REGAL is an active participant in the CTPAT – Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism - Supply Chain Security (SCS) program and seek to work with all our Business Partners to implement recognized security measures designed to keep our supply chain secure and minimize disruptions and threats. The CTPAT program helps us effectively manage the risks associated with the international movement of our merchandise and become aware of the potential security threats.

At this time, we request that you complete the Supply Chain Security survey in accordance with the 2020 Supplier Requirements and Expectations Manual (SREM).

Link to the English and other Languages version of the survey (

The requirement in section 6.b of the SREM states: Supplier shall complete a survey regarding their supply chain security. (SCS Survey at ). Supplier is encouraged to obtain CTPAT or other security program certification. If Supplier maintains and provides proof of CTPAT certification or if supplier maintains and provides proof of other security program certification, for which there is a mutual recognition agreement, completion of survey will not be required.

The SCS response is due within 30 days of request.

Based on the answers provided in the survey if any recommendations are necessary (deficiencies are detected) regarding SCS, at Regal’s request, Supplier shall implement a security improvement plan.

We appreciate your participation in helping us keep our supply chain secure.

Thank you for your cooperation.
33% of survey complete.