- A Survey by Reputation Today

1. Take this survey only if your team consists of two or more members. If you are a one-person team, write to us at team@reputationtoday.in for a different link.
2. Please answer all questions (10 nos) given to make your entry eligible for the Top Corporate Communications Teams Survey.
3. Please follow the guidelines given for specific questions, or your entry may be disqualified.  
4. Please mail your official company logo to team@reputationtoday.in with subject line 30TCCT-Company Logo. 

* 1. What is the strength (specify number) of your corporate communications team? 

* 2. Who does the Corporate Communications Head report to?

* 3. What are the designations of the various team members? List only team member designations, separated by commas.

* 4. Does the team also manage the following?

* 5. Does the team manage official social embassies?

* 6. What is the annual budget of the communications team to spend on campaigns?

* 7. Has the team won any prizes in external awards in 2017? If yes, then please list them, separated by commas.

* 8. What has been the greatest achievement of the team in 2017? (Please specify in less than 100 words.)

* 9. Is there something you want to tell us about your team that stands out? (Please specify in less than 200 words.)

* 10. Please add the official e-mail address of one team member who can be contacted for any further queries. (Responses with personal e-mail addresses will be disqualified.)