AET 2020 Call for Proposals

AET invites YOU to present at our 42nd Annual National Conference, addressing the theme: Advocacy in Education: Supporting Students and Families.

The Association of Educational Therapists welcomes proposals from professionals of all backgrounds for the AET 42nd Annual National Conference to be held in Torrance, California. This year’s conference will focus on advocacy in education. We encourage proposal submissions that support the educational therapist’s vital role in advocating for clients and their families both inside and outside the classroom, in close partnership with allied professionals.

Presentation formats include:
1) lectures or panel presentation sessions of three hours or ninety minutes
2) poster sessions

Proposals should address the theme Advocacy in Education: Supporting Students and Families. Presentations may also focus on academic interventions, assessment, speech and language disorders, attention and behavioral challenges, therapeutic relationships, family dynamics, educational psychology, and other areas relevant to educational therapy.

A limited number of presentations are allotted in the schedule. Three-hour and 90-minute sessions will be scheduled on Friday afternoon, October 23, and on Saturday, October 24, in the morning and afternoon. Poster presentations will be featured during a scheduled poster session on Friday morning.

The deadline for complete proposal submission is 11:59pm PST, February 28, 2020.
Submission Instructions

Within this form, you will be asked to provide the following:
  • Title of the proposed presentation
  • Brief description (75 words or less)
  • Intended audience
  • Learning Outcomes (see below)
Learning Outcomes
Presenters are required to state at least three learning objectives for session participants. State each objective in terms of an observable behavior (see sample list below), preceded by the phrase “Participants will be able to…” Each outcome should be less than 20 words. These learning objectives must be included in your online submission form.

Question Title

Extended Presentation Description
After you have completed the online proposal form, you will be asked to compose an extended description (500 words or less using double-spaced, 12-point font) with rationale. 

Indicate how your presentation relates to the conference theme, Advocacy in Education: Supporting Students and Families.
  • Summarize the main points, information and techniques or strategies you are presenting. 
  • Provide supporting background for the basis of your presentation, such as current research findings, key bibliography and/or published materials. 
  • State how your presentation will benefit educational therapists, allied professionals, and/or parents.
  • Include three to five actionable ideas, suggestions for the application of techniques in one-to-one sessions, and/or best practices and strategies that can be readily incorporated into an educational therapist's professional toolbox.
  • Include information on your presentation format such as PowerPoint, KeyNote, Prezi, video clips, group activities, participant discussions, etc. Video clips must be stored locally on your device, as the hotel WiFi may not support video streaming.