Title I, is a federally funded program which provides assistance to schools that have a high percentage of the students in the school receiving free or reduced lunch. Title I services and funds are provided to support additional instruction in the areas of mathematics and reading. Some schools have a school-wide Title I program in which all students may receive services while some schools have a targeted assistance program. Our school has a targeted assistance Title I program. This survey is intended to gather information from you about the Title I Program at your child’s school. Please answer the following questions (once per household) to help the district provide a quality Title I program at your child’s school.

* 1. Erskine Elementary:

  Agree Disagree
Recognizes that all parents, regardless of income, educational level, or cultural background, want their children to do well in school and are in involved in their children’s learning.
Supplies a written Title I parent involvement policy and Title I compact jointly developed with parents outlining the partnership between student, parent, and school.
Holds an annual meeting to inform parents about Title I programming, (may be at PTA or other meeting).
Provides parents with ideas on how to help their children with academics at home.
Opportunities for home to school and school to home communication are encouraged.

* 2. The following statements will encourage you to reflect on Title I programming at your school. Please respond on your school in the following areas.

  Yes No
Do you have a clear understanding of how children quality for Title I assistance?
Do you have a clear understanding of the purpose and goals of the Title I program?
Do you have a clear understanding of the instruction and activities children experience in the Title I program?
Has your child’s academic progress been clearly communicated to you?

* 3. If your child receives Title I services, have you received information about the Title I service and your child’s progress?

* 4. Have you attended a parent activity that focused on math and/or reading?

* 5. Would you be willing to serve on the Title I Advisory Committee/School Governance Council? If yes, please write your name and contact information below:

* 6. If yes, please provide your name and contact information.

* 7. Comments or suggestions for the Title I program and/or activities for Parent/Family Involvement: