President's Millennial Scholars Program

Program Description: The President’s Millennial Scholars Program (PMSP) is a student-centered approach to ensure the academic, cognitive, personal, career and professional development of students from underrepresented populations and students of color. PMSP is designed to retain students from key populations by providing academic support, professional and leadership development, and mentorship from faculty and staff. The ultimate goal is to create high-quality learning environments, where academic and professional excellence is the expectation. Each year, fifteen (15) incoming freshmen are selected as a cohort.

PMSP is administered by the Office of Diversity, which is committed to fostering inclusive educational opportunities and an equitable workforce environment at LSU. The Office is also responsible for supervising professional units whose purpose and mission is to promote understanding and respect for difference. These units include the: Office of Multicultural Affairs, African American Cultural Center and the Women’s Center.



* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Race/Ethnicity (select one)

* 3. Birthdate:

* 4. LSU ID:

* 5. Intended Major:

* 6. Anticipated Graduation:

* 7. Will you be the first person in your family or household to attend college?

* 8. When you finish, will you be the first person in your immediate family or household to obtain a college degree?

* 9. What activities are/were you involved in? (academic and extracurricular):

Short Responses: please provide responses to Prompts #1 through #3. Prompt #4 is optional. You must adhere to the word counts. Responses exceeding the word count will not be scored.

* 10. Prompt 1: Tell us about your interest in the President’s Millennial Scholars Program. How would your selection impact your overall LSU experience? (250 words max)

* 11. Prompt 2: Explain your academic goals while enrolled at LSU. (75 words max)

* 12. Prompt 3: What are your professional (career) goals? What skills do you hope to acquire toward these goals while attending LSU? (75 words max)

* 13. Prompt 4: (OPTIONAL): Please provide any additional information about yourself that would support your selection into the President’s Millennial Scholars Program (100 words max)

PLEASE NOTE: Applications will not considered until full application is complete and attachments have been received.
Other Enclosures:
Please submit all of the following to PMSP@LSU.EDU
Please attach a head shot of yourself
(B) Please attach a resume
(C) Please  provide the name, title and contact information for one (1) reference (non- family member)

Applicants will be notified mid July if they are accepted into the President's Millennial Scholars Program.
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