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The Menopause Hub would like your help to complete our annual survey. Time: 5 mins max.


For World Menopause Day on 18th October 2022, we want your help!

In Ireland, there is scarcity of data about menopause in the workplace and we constantly have to refer to UK data. Therefore, it would be great if you could complete our annual survey so that we have access to our own data about menopause in the workplace in Ireland. 

We will present this information to the Media, to organisations, workplaces and industry bodies, so please help us by giving us your honest (and anonymous) input. 

We really appreciate your help. Please also share as widely as you can, the more women that complete the survey the richer the data and answers. 

Let's change menopause in Ireland for this and for generations to come! 

Warmest regards, Loretta Dignam, Founder and CEO of the Menopause Hub

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