1. Information Letter and Consent

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Dr.Ian Reade,University of Alberta,(780)492 8273, ian.reade@ualberta.ca
Mr.Mathew Dowling,University of Alberta,(780)266 2219, msdowlin@ualberta.ca

Dear Sir/Madam:
We are conducting a study on behalf of Speed Skating Canada (SSC) examining the Status of Speed Skating Coaches across the country. We are surveying all speed skating coaches across Canada. This study is an important step in determining how we might work toward improving coach education as well as developing equitable and consistent coaching environments across Canada.

You are being contacted as an affiliated coach of Speed Skating Canada (SSC), with your contact information provided by your organization. This information is being kept in strict confidence (as are the identities of the clubs and coaches who have responded). This survey will take you about 30 minutes to complete. All information you provide will be held in strict confidence by Mr.Mathew Dowling and Dr.Ian Reade at the University of Alberta. No identifying information or personal responses will be provided to anyone including the SSC or your fellow organizations. All identifying information will be removed from the data-base when all coaches have responded, and replaced by a numerical code. All reports from the information we collect will address the entire group of coaches who respond. No individual will be identifiable in any of the reports completed. The results of the research will be provided in a report to Speed Skating Canada. The report will be provided to clubs and provincial/territorial branches upon request at the discretion of Speed Skating Canada.

The data will be retained indefinitely because it is anticipated that future studies will be done wishing to compare coaches now to coaches at some time in the future - particularly if the results of this study are used as the foundation for interventions to improve coaching in Canada.

We are asking you to volunteer to complete this survey. You are free to decline to participate or to discontinue your participation at any time without consequence by ending the survey. Of course we hope you will take the time to complete the entire survey. We would very much like to better understand the factors that most contribute to coach satisfaction and where improvements and investments may be made in the future. There is a space at the end of the questionnaire for you to give us any comments you think we should consider in our reports.

If you choose to complete the survey, please click the box below.

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact any of the researchers listed above. This project has been approved by the University of Alberta human research ethics board (REB2). If you have questions about the conduct of this research, you can contact the University of Alberta Research Ethics Office at 780-492-2615 (collect calls accepted) who has no direct involvement with this project.

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