Application for Badge

The Northern Virginia Champions for Accountability badge recognizes employers that are willing to collect, share, and act on data about the diversity of their leadership.
To receive the badge, a business must:
I. Operate in Northern Virginia
II. Collect demographic data on board members and/or c-suite members/executives
III. Complete all questions on this form
This application requests detailed information about your company's board and leadership composition, and may be easiest when completed by a human resource officer. The form should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. 
Information that you provide on this form will be kept strictly confidential; all data will be deidentified and combined to quantify the extent to which Northern Virginia businesses are under diverse leadership. Except for information collected expressly for the directory (company name, geography, website, industry), your individual responses will be kept confidential and will be accessible only to Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s Vice President of Membership (Jennifer Williamson,, the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia’s Senior Director of Insight Region (Elizabeth Hughes,, and the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s Manager of Registration (Homaira Sherdil, for research purposes only. Responses will not be shared outside of this team.
Badge holders will be recognized in a public directory of companies that have received the badge, with their company name, website, industry, contractor status, and the county(ies) in which they operate; those that have diverse ownership, c-suite, and board composition will be acknowledged in a second directory of diverse-led businesses in Northern Virginia. These directories will be made available beginning in September 2022.
Thank you for your commitment to this work!