Introduction to the NDA Job Task Validation Survey

This survey is part of a comprehensive Job Analysis Study of Demolition Middle Managers, undertaken by the National Demolition Association (NDA).

The purpose of this study is to better define the core skills and tasks of those in a middle management position. This is your opportunity to contribute to the future development of NDA educational offerings.

Please complete this survey by Friday, February 5, 2016. The survey will take you about 20 minutes to complete and you can complete it in steps.

Please read each question carefully and respond by selecting the option that most closely represents your answer. Your responses should be a summary of the skills and tasks that you need or use on a daily basis to complete your job.

The subsequent sections include a list of core skills and tasks related to competencies expected of a middle manager in demolition work: Project Management, Workforce Management, Estimating and Planning, Safety and Risk Management, Marketing and Business Development, General and Cost Accounting, and General Management. Use the scale provided to rate the importance of each skill or task. If a particular skill or task is not performed or applied, please select “Not Performed/Applied."

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