Nominations are now open for the annual SNIA member recognition awards. The following are the nomination categories. Only those categories that have nominees submitted will be considered for awards this year. The deadline to submit nominations is December 1, 2020. 

Individual Awards

Exceptional Leadership - The individual who has provided outstanding leadership to advance a cause for SNIA leading to an impact on the industry or the Association.

Unsung Hero - An individual who continually worked tirelessly under the radar expecting no accolades or attention but who in fact probably deserves more than the rest.

Volunteer of the Year - The individual whose consistent contributions during the previous year have furthered the work of an existing program.

New Contributor of the Year - Individual who contributed to a new area or program. This individual has begun contributing in a different area than they have been contributing to.

Group Awards

Significant Impact by a Previously Existing Technical Work Group (TWG) or Task Force - The SNIA TWG or Task Force, which above all others in 2019, had members and efforts which consistently stepped up and helped SNIA achieve something new and groundbreaking or which significantly advanced an existing program.

SNIA Group of the Year - A SNIA group which had members and efforts that helped SNIA achieve something innovative and groundbreaking.

  • SNIA Board or TC members are eligible only if the contribution is above and beyond their normal work as a member of the Board or TC
  • Contractors of the SNIA are only eligible for contributions above and beyond paid SNIA work
  • Staff of the SNIA are not eligible
  • An individual may only receive the same award a second time if the award is for contribution on a different body of work (e.g., green storage one year and security in another year)
  • A group may only receive the same award for different work (e.g., NVM PM may only receive the award if they develop a different body of work for which the award is given)
Past award recipients may be viewed at

Please fill out one survey form for each award category that you want to submit a nomination. Use this form to nominate an individual or group in any one award category at a time.

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