1. Please answer the following questions about you:

This survey functions as the post-test and evaluation for the TCHP Substance Use Disorder in Health Care Professionals home study.

* 1. Please let us know a little bit about you. If you are not currently working, enter "not working" in the Hospital/Organization category. Only the starred items are required.

* 2. Please enter your birth date, including 4-digit year (example:6/18/1988). This is your unique identifier in our system.

* 3. Please indicate the your unit or work area. If you are not currently working, enter "not working."

* 4. Please select the situation listed below that best describes you. Please note that all those who request 60 minute/contact hour certificates are consenting to receive follow up surveys.

Most nurses are not certified and renew their relicensure with their State Board of Nursing. Choose the first option if this describes you.

Certified nurses need contact hours designed to meet the criteria set forth by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and have their contact hours calculated using a 60 minute contact hour formula. There are other health care professionals and nursing certification organizations that also use a 60 minute/contact hour formula. You must choose the second or third option to receive a certificate of completion reflecting this criterion. Please note that this option grants consent to receive follow up surveys (we are required to send these to you). 

* 5. I verify that I have read this home study.