Global Fleet Survey 2023
Your worldwide benchmark on Fleet and Mobility

Welcome to our annual Global Fleet Survey. This survey is designed for Fleet and Mobility managers with international responsibilities. It allows Global Fleet to better understand the dynamics, the trends and the needs of global companies with regard to their Fleet and Mobility strategy and it enables managers to challenge their policy, understand the recent trends and learn best practices from their peers.

It’s easy to participate

Participating in this Survey will take approximately 30 minutes.
The Survey is composed of 6 chapters:

   1.     General Profile
   2.     Global Fleet & Mobility Strategy
   3.     Fleet Management
   4.     Finance & Leasing
   5.     Vehicles & Powertrains
   6.     Smart Mobility

Why you need to participate
The Global Fleet Survey 2023 will help you
- Benchmark your strategy with your peers
- Understand how other multinationals are anticipating the transformation
- Finetune your decisions for the future

Besides this you will receive a copy of:
- The full results of the Global Fleet Survey 2023
- The Global Fleet Survey E-Book, which includes a detailed analysis of our Global Fleet Experts

So don't miss this chance to benchmark your Fleet & Mobility Strategy with your peers and complete the Global Fleet Survey 2023 today!