Charlotte BIKES is the city's blueprint toward becoming an increasingly bicycle-friendly city.  This plan provides the vision, strategies and initiatives to both expand the city's physical network of bicycle facilities and create a culture which recognizes and welcomes the bicycle as a means of transportation for bicyclists of all ages and abilities.  The plan is organized around the 6 "E's" of a a bicycle-friendly city:

Equitably implementing bicycle efforts throughout Charlotte,
Engineering safe and comfortable bicycle facilities,
Educating bicyclists and motorists to ride and drive safely,
Encouraging a bicycle-friendly culture through facilities and events,
Enforcing traffic laws to foster safety and accountability, and 
Evaluating and planning for an expanded bicycle network and expanded use.  
Since late 2016, CDOT staff has been developing the goals, strategies and recommended initiatives of Charlotte Bikes.  This content built upon the 2008 Charlotte Bicycle Plan, and included input from Charlotte's Bicycle Advisory Committee as well as from the public at various events.  

CDOT is currently seeking feedback to refine the draft Charlotte BIKES plan.  The draft plan is anticipated to go before City Council for public comment later this spring, with adoption occurring sometime in 2017.  You can learn about Charlotte BIKES by reviewing the draft plan available at this link.  Take a look, and let us know what you think!

Comments submitted through this Survey Monkey will be posted on the Charlotte Bicycle Program webpage, along with a response from city staff, at the close of the public comment period in April 2017.

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Thank you for taking the time to provide input on Charlotte BIKES, as well as your interest in making Charlotte a better place to bicycle.