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The Town of Mayerthorpe values input from it’s business community. Public participation in local decisions is important to Council.  This survey should take approximately 2 minutes to complete.  The deadline to complete this survey is October 22, 2020.  The collective results of this survey will be available on the Town's website on or before October 31, 2020.

Background:  Business License Bylaw No. 610 was enacted in 1984 and has been amended three times since then, with the last amendment being in 2013.   Draft Bylaw No. 1113 Business License Bylaw proposes to provide for penalties (fines) for those businesses that refuse to/or knowingly fail to obtain a business license, provides for a late payment interest rate rather than a flat monthly fee to align with the Town's financial system, and to change the annual business license fees to take effect January 1, 2022.

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* 1. Which of the following applies to your business?

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* 2. Do you agree or disagree with the Town implementing a higher business license fee for businesses based outside of the Town of Mayerthorpe conducting work in the Town of Mayerthorpe?

Quick Fact:  Currently, businesses based outside of the Town of Mayerthorpe pay the same business license fee as businesses in the Town of Mayerthorpe with the exception of a Hawker or Peddler (goes from house to house, products offered and then delivered or shipped later, and/or sells merchandise within streets or roads and does not have a permanent place of dwelling or business in the Town of Mayerthorpe).

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* 3. Do you support the Town of Mayerthorpe changing from a flat rate late payment fee to a interest charge based on percentage to comply with its financial system and increased staff efficiency?

Quick Fact:  Currently, staff are required to post a monthly journal entry to accommodate a flat rate late payment fee.  Transitioning to a late payment interest rate will eliminate staff intervention and will be applied automatically by the financial system.

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* 4. Do you support the Town of Mayerthorpe increasing the late payment interest rate?

Quick Fact:  Currently, some businesses feel the late payment fee is insignificant whereby they routinely pay for the annual license and late fee later in the year.  This results in additional staff time sending out monthly statements, postage and phone calls trying to encourage the business to settle the account.

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* 5. Do you support the Town of Mayerthorpe establishing a penalty (fine) for those businesses who refuse to or knowingly fail to obtain a business license?

Quick Fact:  Currently, there is no penalty to enable the Town to enforce the Business License Bylaw.

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* 6. Do you support increasing the annual business license fee gradually over three years to align with the fees in the region by 2023?

Quick Fact:  The current business license fee has not changed since 1991.  The business license fee provides revenue to support economic development initiatives such as marketing the Town, business attraction to Town, business retention, business support grants, and staff to further these initiatives.