1. Introduction--Centurion 2016 Holiday Success Index

Dear Prestige Jeweler,

The Centurion's 2016 Holiday Success Index wraps up with this spot-check survey of top fine jewelry stores to gauge total holiday business and trends for 2016. Please take a few minutes to answer this brief survey, because seeing business trends among colleagues is great benefit to top-level fine jewelers nationwide. The survey should take no more than five minutes to complete.

Your answers will be kept confidential and survey results will be reported anonymously in the aggregate. We very much appreciate your participation to benefit all better jewelry retailers and Centurion invitees.

Best regards,

Howard Hauben
The Centurion

* 1. Your store name (this will be kept confidential):

* 2. How was your total business for the holiday season in 2016, versus holiday 2015?

* 3. What price point/s sold best for the holiday season 2016? Check as many that apply.

* 4. What was your single biggest sale (product and price) for the season?

* 5. What were your top three best-selling products and/or brands for the season?

* 6. How would you characterize your 2016 holiday business overall, as compared to recent years? (i.e. business came earlier or later, more online sales, more volume/lower tickets, fewer shoppers/bigger tickets, etc.)

* 7. How would you rate your TOTAL YEAR BUSINESS for 2016 vs. 2015?

* 8. Were there any external factors that impacted your business significantly (either positively or negatively) in 2016, vs. 2015?

* 9. How would you describe the majority of your customers this holiday season? Check all that apply.

* 10. Do you typically get any significant sales in the week after Christmas?  Is the late timing of Hanukkah likely to change this trend this year?