1. Welcome to the Irish Underwater Council's Member Survey

All bodies in receipt of Sport Ireland (formerly the Irish Sports Council) funding are expected to operate in a democratic and transparent manner and display all elements of good corporate governance. 'Governance' refers to the process of running your sports club, making decisions and ensuring that it is properly accountable.

The right governance structure with decisions made at the right level enables the best decisions to be made to drive the success of the organisation. Having an appropriate governance structure demonstrates to all stakeholders that the organisation is well managed. This is key to winning the confidence of staff, suppliers and potential investors and also provides a framework for organisational growth and development (A Code for Sports Governance UK).

As part of its strategic plan, the Irish Underwater Council have identified the need to review and develop the governance and structure of the NGB and clubs. To achieve this, the Irish Underwater Council has retained the service of 2into3, a management consultancy to conduct a governance review. This review has so-far included desk-based research of national and international documents as well as internal documentation and polices provided by the IUC to identify the current state of governance and structures based on a set of pre-defined core principles for the not-for-profit sector and endorsed by Sport Ireland.

We are now looking for input from you, our members. We would like to assure you that all answers will be anonymous and handled by 2into3.

Please complete the following questions, providing brief explanations of your answers where relevant.