HomeFront Pre-Course Assessment

At the beginning of HomeFront, individuals taking the class are asked to complete the pre-course assessment. They are identified by an ID number so that their pre-course values can be compared with post-course values.

* HomeFront Participant ID Number:

* Date F2F course began:

Date of first class:

* How would you rate the level of your knowledge about and understanding of mental illness at the present time?

* How would you rate you ability to respond to and cope with your loved one’s symptoms of mental illness at the present time?

* How prepared for and comfortable with advocating for your loved one with mental illness do you feel you are at the present time?

* How empowered do you feel you are to take care of yourself while responding to your loved one’s illness at the present time?

* At the present time, which of the following words best describes how you feel about your loved one having a mental illness? (Select no more than 3)

* Which of the following best describes how you would respond if your loved one’s symptoms caused a disruption while you were in the grocery store together? (Select no more than 3).

* At the present time, how comfortable would you be with contacting your loved one’s doctor/therapist to discuss his/her illness and treatment?

* If a neighbor came to you in a panic because her son/daughter was behaving bizarrely and was becoming very angry and agitated, how confident would you be that you could provide useful assistance and/or advice?