Footpath Support Survey and Community Feedback

Tasman District Council has created a proposal for a shared pathway (cycle and footpath) to connect Upper Moutere Village to the Moutere Hills Community Centre. See this article for plans and more details.

The Moutere Hills Residents Association is collecting feedback from the community and conducting a general support and opinion survey on the proposal. Feedback and suggestions will be collated and forwarded to TDC.

Question Title


Question Title

* 1. Do you support the proposed footpath along the Moutere Highway?

Question Title

* 2. Your name and/or email address

Entering your name or email address is optional. We will not publish your details. But providing an email address will make your vote and comments verifiable. If we need to verify feedback, then feedback with a name and email address may be ranked higher than feedback without a name or address.