Survey Background

Community safety planning is underway in Thompson, and we are interested in learning about your experiences and thoughts around community safety in the city.

Thompson’s Community Wellness and Public Safety Advisory Committee is developing a plan to help Thompson become a safer and healthier place for everyone to live, work and visit. Our work is being assisted by the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance (CSKA), a not-for-profit that supports governments and others in the development, implementation and evaluation of new approaches to community safety and well-being.

Your participation will help us make Thompson an even better place to be.

The survey is being administered independently by CSKA.  Your participation is voluntary and confidential.  This survey does not ask for information that would identify any participants.  CSKA will summarize survey responses and report the results back to the Advisory Committee in grouped format.  The report will not quote directly from open-ended responses.  Care will be taken in reporting the results of this survey to avoid providing information that could stigmatize particular neighbourhoods or groups of people.

Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts and experiences with us.

Thank you,

 The Community Wellness and Public Safety Advisory Committee