* 1. What are your top 3 transportation challenges for your company today?

* 2. Are you aware of your company's strategy to improve on the challenges in transportation identified in question 1?

* 3. What are the predominate transportation mode(s) your company uses for its products today? (Choose 1 or more)

* 4. What is your role in addressing the top business challenges identified above?

* 5. Of the top 3 challenges previously identified, which challenges do you think will require data and analytics to make a significant difference?

* 6. Estimate how many different sources of data you currently collect to perform real-time operational analytics?

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* 7. How accessible is the data currently which helps you address these challenges?

* 8. For your company, which of these business challenges will require sensor-based data to solve?

* 9. What systems do you already have for capturing sensor-based data? (Check 1 or more)

* 10. In which areas are you investing in data and analytics initiatives?

* 11. When are you investing in data initiatives?

* 12. In your opinion, what are the top 3 barriers to using data at your company? (Select the top 3)

* 13. Where do you see IoT addressing these barriers? (Choose 1 or more)

* 14. What's your role in the purchase of transportation related enterprise software or services?

* 15. In providing a transportation-related software and services solution what's your level of comfort with using:

  Extremely comfortable Somewhat comfortable Neither comfortable nor uncomfortable Somewhat uncomfortable Extremely uncomfortable
Systems Integrator
Enterprise software vendor
Top tier Business consulting / systems integrator
End-to-end industrial automation company
In-house project office / team
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