The Member Services Committee is proud to release ARMS’ Biennial Membership Survey.

As a community which values diversity in the profession, this year’s survey has been revised with two key foci of obtaining:
  • A broader understanding of who makes up our community of Research Management Professionals; and
  • An insight into what our members value and require to continue their professional development.
The results from this survey will also be used to inform the Board as it reviews its Strategic Plan in 2024.

The survey has been revised substantially from previous membership surveys, making it simpler and less time consuming to complete. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

We encourage all Research Management Professional to complete the survey to ensure ARMS is continuing to respond to the diverse needs of our community.

Question Title

* 1. In the next 5 years, how likely are you to:

  Extremely Unlikely Unlikely Neutral Likely Extremely Likely
Keep my ARMS membership.
Apply to join an ARMS Chapter Committee, Board or other leadership role within ARMS.
Work in a different area of research management,  e.g. Moving from Research Impact to Researcher Development. 
Work in a different Research Organisation e.g. From a Research Organisation to a Not For Profit
Leave the research management profession.

Question Title

* 2. Do you identify as Indigenous?