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Sign Up to Be a Partner in+care!

Welcome to an important element of the in+care Campaign! You are joining a community of people working together to help people living with HIV stay in care, get back into care, and preventing others from falling out of care.

A.) Expectations and Participation

You are making a commitment to:
• Improve self-care, so that you are stay connected to your HIV health care provider
• Provide support to others to help them stay in continuous care and consider opportunities to help improve the quality of HIV care for others
• Share information with others about the in+care Campaign and how they can join as a Partner in+care
• Where possible, participate in Partner in+care activities, including webinars, sharing ideas or stories about how to stay in care or get back into care, or joining in+care Campaign meetings near where you live
• Receive email updates about the in+care Campaign and Partner in+care activities

You are signing up as an individual. You are not signing up as a representative of any organization, association, or group.

Note: Even if you signed up to participate in other in+care Campaign activities (i.e., you are a provider and serve as your clinic or organization's representative with the in+care Campaign), you need to sign-up separately to be part of the Partners in+care network.

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