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The Trail is currently undergoing a Comprehensive Signage review that will produce a design plan for consistent signage and wayfinding directing Trail users and visitors to and along the Butler Trail.
  • New signage will improve connections between areas along the Trail, including trailheads, parks, and other community areas.
  • This project aims to enhance the Trail experience without taking away from the natural beauty and while highlighting natural systems and educating users about the systems’ functions.
  • Improved wayfinding will increase safety on the Trail and promote The Trail Conservancy’s new identity as the primary steward of the Trail with increased branding.
The Comprehensive Signage Plan for the Butler Trail is being led by The Trail Conservancy (TTC), in partnership with Austin Parks and Recreation (PARD).

Survey closes at midnight on December 6, 2023.

In this Survey, we will present what we heard from engagement #1, show how that's influenced our current signage system designs, and get feedback on the proposed signage system. For a detailed engagement #1 summary report, please visit our website.  
From June - July of 2023, we went to the community to ask about signage on the Butler Trail. This is some of what we heard:

-Mile Markers need improvement. Trail users want more mile markers and more contextual information. Trail maps provide the full picture, but that information is not reaching many users.
-City connections are important. Provide wayfinding support to popular landmarks and destinations outside of the trail. Provide wayfinding support for users looking for places to hop off the trail to get into downtown and to other points.
-There are areas of confusion. There are several decision points along the trail that are giving trail users confusion. These points should be prioritized for providing adequate wayfinding support.
-Entry points are inconsistent. Consider how trailheads and entry points are identified - are they consistent, are they clearly marked and visible? These points should be prioritized for providing adequate trail information, orientation, and wayfinding support.
-There is signage clutter. Sign clutter in areas results in competing information and hierarchy. Many instances are several single message signs with different styles. 
-Consider all abilities. The trail has varying degrees of accessibility and challenges. Consider ways of denoting features so all users can know what to expect—whether through signage and/or online tools.
-Celebrate our Trail. With an emphasis on 'our'. The Trail is a beautiful and treasured place and it benefits us all. The signage plan should explore messaging to remind users and visitors of this. We heard about people's favorite places along the trail. The signage plan should consider identifying some of these places. (Ex: Lou Neff Point, The Rock). People want to know more about the trail's ecological features. The signage plan should include consideration and updated guidelines for interpretive signs.

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* 1. Do you feel that these address the majority of the signage concerns?

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* 2. If not, what did we miss?

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Example Existing Trail Signage & Conditions

Example Existing Trail Signage & Conditions
After hearing your comments, we developed our vision and guiding principles for creating a signage plan.

Our overarching goal is to design a wayfinding system for the Butler Hike and Bike Trail that will support the millions of trail users’ experience with clear and reliable cues, while complementing the Trail’s natural beauty.


-Create a sense of place
-Orientation and connections
-The Trail belongs to the public
-Establish The Trail Conservancy's role and inspire stewardship of the Trail
-Clear and simple information
-Improve safety
-Be inclusive
-Be flexible and adaptable

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* 3. Do you feel that this encompasses what the signage plan should strive for?

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* 4. If not, what did we miss?

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