* 1. I am a (please select one)

* 2. Please indicate all which apply to you.

* 3. How many years have you resided in this community?

* 4. What are your two most important sources of information about Gordon ISD?

* 5. What is Gordon ISD known for?

* 6. What are the three things you think Gordon ISD does well that you want to see continued?

* 7. What are the three most serious challenges Gordon ISD faces?

* 8. What three personal qualifications do you desire in your new superintendent?

* 9. What three skills do you believe are necessary for the new superintendent to possess?

* 10. Please rank the following 1-5 in importance for the next superintendent, with 5 being the most important:

* 11. What do you think should be the top priority for the new superintendent?

* 12. Please rank the following 1-5 in importance for the next superintendent, with 5 being the most important:

* 13. For each of the items below, indicate whether you believe the item is extremely important, important or not important to the new superintendent:

  Not Important Important Extremely Important
Doctorate Degree
Experience as a superintendent with a proven record of success
Experience as a superintendent in a district of similar size
Experience as an assistant superintendent
Experience as a district level administrator
Experience as a principal
Experience as a teacher
Experience in finance
Experience in personnel
Experience in instruction
Experience in facility construction and management
Experience with technology
Experience in a multi-cultural environment
Experience in strategic planning
Experience in Texas

* 14. Please rate the level of priority you believe the next superintendent should place on the following items:

  Low Priority Priority High Priority
Developing students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills.
Developing students’ social and emotional skills.
Ensuring a well-rounded experience for students (e.g., extracurricular).
Ensuring that facilities support student learning.
Ensuring the fiscal health of the district.
Ensuring that students are prepared for standardized assessments.
Ensuring relevant communication to staff, parents and community.
Hiring and retaining quality teachers.
Integrating technology into teaching and learning.
Providing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs.
Providing the education needed for students to place in advanced classes in middle/high school.

* 15. Which of the following statement best reflects your vision for the future of Gordon ISD?

* 16. What goals do you hope to see the new superintendent accomplish?

* 17. If there is anyone you would like to nominate to apply for the position of superintendent at Gordon ISD, please provide his or her name, position and contact information.