2020 USA Ultimate Sanctioned Event Follow-up Evaluation

As a player, participant, or spectator at a USA Ultimate sanctioned event, this is your chance to give some feedback! There are questions about the competition structure, event amenities, registration process, and more. Your answers will help ensure that services provided by sanctioned events continue to meet and/or exceed the level of quality set forth by USA Ultimate. We may provide some feedback from the survey to event organizers if we think it will be helpful. Any feedback that gets passed along will be kept anonymous.

Please complete the survey within one week of receiving this email.

Please complete the survey for each USA Ultimate sanctioned event you have participated in, but please only complete the survey once for each event.

The survey should take 5 minutes or less.

If you have any immediate concerns or feedback about the event you just attended, please email teal@hq.usaultimate.org